Suits For Summer 2019

Suits For Summer 2019

The Summer is almost here, but that doesn't mean you have to go without a suit when the weather heats up. Suits are a classic that need to be worn, no matter what the temperature or weather outside, the only thing that varies is the type of suit that you choose. Tweed suits are perfect for the Winter, but when it comes to the summer, you want something lightweight like linen or cotton, something that's breathable and easy to wear without overheating. You also need to keep in mind the colour, and nothing screams Summer more than a beige suit! Don't worry, we're not on about going full Miami Vice and rocking the palest beige or white, but something a little more classy than that. However, if beige or cream isn't for you, we have included some light grey options as well, don't worry! 

Here at Menz Suits we love the summer, just as much has you guys do! So lets check out what suits are available for summer 2019 currently.  


Cavani Caridi Cream Check Suit 


First we have the Caridi Slim Fit Check Suit in Cream. This one is perfect for those men that want a little more Mediterranean and elegance. Plain can often be too boring which is why we made the Caridi, featuring a subtle cream and light blue check pattern on the cream fabric, to give it some interest. Due to the print and colour combination, wearing a baby blue or purple tie with this will look amazing, but because the buttons are quite dark, a navy tie will work just as well, giving the whole ensemble a bit more of an edge! You can't go wrong with this one.


Cavani Florida Light Blue Suit

Next up the Florida Light Blue Slim Fit Suit, much like the name states, it's perfect for the warmer weather, It's already got those summer tones to it and works really well with pastel shades for your ties and pocket squares. Pale pinks, blues or lilacs would work wonders with this, but overall, it's a plain with a small white flex throughout, inoffensive suit that would be ideal for those hot days. 


Cavani Kyra Stone Tweed Suit 

Lastly, we have the Kyra Stone Tweed Suit. Now we know you might want to keep away from tweed as it's a heavy duty fabric, mostly worn in the colder months, but for those Summer days where it's a bit chilly outside or at night (lets face it, living in the UK that can happen more than you'd think!), you might want to reach for this one. It's in a beautiful shade of light beige, more of a stone, and because it's a neutral, it works with anything. This one would be a wonderful transitioning piece into Spring actually and you can dress it down by using darker ties and pocket squares. Jewel tones will work with this just as much as the light shades, that's how versatile this suit is. 


We hope you love these Cavani summer suits! Which is your favourite?

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