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We Are At The County Brides The Monastery Wedding Fayre

Menz Suits will be at The Monastery Manchester Wedding Fayre Come and visit our stand - Sunday, April 19th, 2020, 11:30pm - 3:30pm  Planning your 2020 Wedding with Menz Suits - We provide our clients great discounts on their wedding orders. We believe in providing our clients with top quality service in order to make their big day memorable, more enjoyable and easier to organise.       " We look forward to seeing you there."  Venue Address: Gorton LaneManchesterM12 5WF

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Suits For Summer 2019

The Summer is almost here, but that doesn't mean you have to go without a suit when the weather heats up. Suits are a classic that need to be worn, no matter what the temperature or weather outside, the only thing that varies is the type of suit that you choose. Tweed suits are perfect for the Winter, but when it comes to the summer, you want something lightweight like linen or cotton, something that's breathable and easy to wear without overheating. You also need to keep in mind the colour, and nothing screams Summer more than a beige suit! Don't worry, we're not on about going full Miami Vice and rocking the palest beige or white, but something a...

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The Round Collar Shirt - Peaky Blinders

As you know, here at Menz Suits we love Peaky Blinders since we always have suits in that style, and some of our famous tweed designs are named after Shelby and Tommy which pays homage to the boys. One thing we have noticed and come to love though is the round collar shirt that they often wear, officially named the Club Collar shirt, and we think it’s fantastic! There’s quite a few in our shop to choose from as well, so you can get that classic Peaky Blinders Suit look, but first, we wanted to give you a little history on where the round collar shirt came from and how it got famous! The History Of Round Collar Shirts The round collar or club...

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