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Tweed Suit Style

TOMMY BROWN TWEED CHECK 3 PIECE SUIT - Calum Best First up, Outstanding quality, exceptional design and a smooth fit. The Cavani Tommy suit is definitely one to beat. An exquisite display of contrasting colours and unique features such as the double breasted waistcoat make this one of our favorite suit styles. This suit is perfect for getting that Peaky Blinders look that everyone loves at the moment. It's also an ideal option now that the weather is cooler since tweed is warm. It's a very versatile option for the country look. ALBERT GREY TWEED CHECK 3 PIECE SUIT Again, that classic Peaky Blinders vibe here is just perfect! This is the Cavani Albert Grey Tweed Suit, which is one of our best...

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Suits For Summer 2019

The Summer is almost here, but that doesn't mean you have to go without a suit when the weather heats up. Suits are a classic that need to be worn, no matter what the temperature or weather outside, the only thing that varies is the type of suit that you choose. Tweed suits are perfect for the Winter, but when it comes to the summer, you want something lightweight like linen or cotton, something that's breathable and easy to wear without overheating. You also need to keep in mind the colour, and nothing screams Summer more than a beige suit! Don't worry, we're not on about going full Miami Vice and rocking the palest beige or white, but something a...

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Instagram Fashion Bloggers Do Peaky Blinders Style At Menz Suits

If there's one thing we love here at Menz Suits, it's Peaky Blinders! As you know, we have a section dedicated to the TV Show and their iconic outfits, and you can get that look using our pieces, as these fashion bloggers have pointed out! When there's a Peaky Blinders photo shoot to be done, think of us!  You're probably already familiar with Rowan Row, he's one of the leading UK men's bloggers and has over 800k followers on Instagram. He went one further with this shoot though as he got his friends involved to recreate scenes from the iconic show. As you can see, 5 of the boys together, it makes for a very strong and powerful set. Featured...

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