The Round Collar Shirt - Peaky Blinders

The Round Collar Shirt - Peaky Blinders

As you know, here at Menz Suits we love Peaky Blinders since we always have suits in that style, and some of our famous tweed designs are named after Shelby and Tommy which pays homage to the boys. One thing we have noticed and come to love though is the round collar shirt that they often wear, officially named the Club Collar shirt, and we think it’s fantastic! There’s quite a few in our shop to choose from as well, so you can get that classic Peaky Blinders Suit look, but first, we wanted to give you a little history on where the round collar shirt came from and how it got famous!

The History Of Round Collar Shirts

The round collar or club collar shirt has actually been around for quite a long time! It was stated that it can be accounted for further back than the early 1800’s, however, it didn’t have a surge or an influx in popularity until it became popular with Eton College in the mid 1800’s. As you already know, Eton College was the most popular, up and coming school for young British males to attend. Everyone from celebrities and the whole royal family attended this school as it carried such weight, merit and prestige behind it, everyone wanted to go here and it wasn't easy to get in unless you came from wealth, royalty or an upper class family. Graduating from Eton left you with great credibility and you were in line for getting a very decent job indeed, so it’s no wonder it made fashion change as well - it was the school to be. 

As you know, Eton College already had a popular tie choice, and the leaving of the bottom waistcoat button open can be attributed to it as well, however that wasn’t enough. The gentlemen of Eton needed something else to distinguish them and make them recognisable, separating them from other schools. Not one to do anything outlandish and garish, but more into subtlety and making distinctive differences, they decided to address the shirt collars instead. As you can tell from the club collar, they simply took the pointed parts of the collar fold and rounded them, creating the round collars or the ‘Eton collar’ as we knew it originally, which then changed to club collar as it was only for those who had the special club membership, meaning an Eton attendance.

As with many trends that start somewhere though, this eventually got around to everyone else and those guys who wanted to be ‘cool’ adopted the round collar as well as they wanted to get their hands on the coolest shirts in town. These shirts remained popular through the Boardwalk-Empires-times of the early 1900’s  and then were later picked up by prepster students who wanted to have their slice of social distinction. Eton is responsible for creating a lot of men's suit trends actually, so you wont be surprised to learn about all the ties it has to suits as we delve into more history of posts in the coming months. 

As we mentioned briefly above, Peaky Blinders adopted the round neck collar trend and it’s an integral part of their dress code. Set in 1919, it’s no surprise that Peaky Blinders suits are sporting this look as this is when the shirts started to become popular among the cool guys, and Peaky Blinders are the epitome of cool, influence and distinction. Now if you want to get their look, it’s as simple as it can be! We’ve rounded up our 4 round collar shirts below for you, coming in different shades of white, blue and black, but you can also pick up a Peaky Blinders style suit that we have as well, you can choose from either the Shelby and the Tommy as these are our most popular options, or we have the more classic and plain Martez! We also recommend checking out our Peaky Blinders Caps since you will need one of those to play the part, and don't forget a Lapel Chain Pin This will finish it off nicely! 


Round Collar Shirts


2 Peaky Blinders Style Suits 


Shelby Navy Tweed Check Three Piece Suit

Tommy Brown Tweed Check Three Piece Suit

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