Mens Wedding Suit Trends In 2024

Mens Wedding Suit Trends In 2024

Hey, future grooms and groomsmen, While we're still riding the wave of 2023, let's fast forward to the runway of love and explore the wedding trends destined to steal the spotlight in 2024. So buckle up those well-tailored seatbelts because we're about to take a joyride through the hottest wedding trends for men in the coming year!

The Slim-Fit Saga Continues: Like a timeless romance, the slim-fit suit is still stealing hearts in 2024. Picture this: you, a well-made, well-tailored suit, Say goodbye to the days of drowning in oversized suits—2024 is the year to embrace that tailored perfection!

Three-Piece, the Charm Offensive: The three-piece suit is the James Bond of wedding attire—timeless, elegant, and oh-so-classy. And guess what? The vest is not just an accessory; it's your secret weapon. Whether you're handing your jacket to your chilly bride or just ready to break it down on the dance floor, that vest is your style guardian.

Pattern Play: Move over, plain Jane! It's the era of patterns making a comeback. Houndstooth, pinstripes, and windowpane are the new cool kids in town. Add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble, because, let's face it, being the centre of attention is kind of your job on the big day.

Trending Colours for 2024: In 2024, forget fifty shades of gray! The wedding aisle is getting a vibrant makeover, with bold blues, evergreens, and maroons stealing the show. Say goodbye to safe suits and hello to a pop of personality. These colours aren't just stylish; they're the wedding theme's secret weapon, turning your big day into a masterpiece. So, gentlemen, gear up for a year of saying "I do" in hues that'll make heads turn and traditions quake!

Mix-and-Match Magic: Bridesmaids Don't Get All the Fun: Groomsmen, it's time to break free from the shackles of uniformity. Embrace the mix-and-match trend—switch up those ties and pocket squares without all looking like clones. It's a wedding, not a penguin parade!

Colour Coordination: Ties and Pocket Squares: Planning on stealing the show with a showstopper suit? Don't forget to coordinate a colourful tie and pocket square for that extra 'oomph.' Complimentary colours are the name of the game, and trust us, a little pop of colour never hurts anyone's wedding album.

Sock Game Evolution: Sorry, crazy socks, your time has passed. Say hello to the era of neutral, single-colour socks. Pair them with sharp leather lace-up shoes for the ultimate formal look or loafers (with or without socks) if you're feeling a tad more laid-back at the altar.

Are you ready to turn these trends into reality? Menz Suits is your partner in crime when it comes to suiting up for the big day. Book an appointment, discuss the possibilities, and let us help you navigate the wedding-style seas of 2024. Because, let's be honest, being the best-dressed is the ultimate "I do." 🤵💖

Cheers to Love, Laughter, and a Damn Good Suit in 2024!

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