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    The Cavani Navy Knitted Tie and Navy Knitted Pocket Square Set, along with a silver tie clip, is a stylish and coordinated accessory combination. Here are the details:

    Navy Knitted Tie: This tie features a classic and timeless navy knitted design. It has a width of 7.5cm at its widest point, adding a touch of sophistication and texture to your outfit.

    Navy Knitted Pocket Square: The matching navy knitted pocket square complements the tie, allowing you to complete your look with coordinated elegance and a textured touch.

    Silver Tie Clip: The set includes a silver tie clip, adding a subtle detail to your tie and ensuring it stays in place, keeping you sharp and well-put-together.

    This set offers a coordinated and stylish appearance, perfect for various occasions where you want to make a refined fashion statement with the classic charm of navy knitted designs.


    100% Polyester

    Wash & Care