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    The Cavani Faro Bordo Leather Brogue Tweed Contrast Shoes. These shoes offer a harmonious blend of style and functionality, making them the perfect complement to your classy suit or outfit.

    Semi Two-Tone Design: Faro brogue shoes exhibit a captivating semi two-tone aesthetic, harmonizing two finishes of leather and tweed fabric.

    Natural Edge Finished Leather: Crafted from natural edge finished leather, these shoes retain the raw, unadulterated edges of the leather. This rustic and untouched quality lends each pair a unique and charming character.

    Contrasting Tweed Accents: These shoes are adorned with contrasting tweed accents, introducing a sophisticated and durable fabric into their design. The use of tweed enhances the overall visual appeal, providing a touch of refinement.

    Perforated Detailing: As brogue shoes, Faro features intricate perforated patterns and detailing. This classic ornamental touch not only enhances their visual appeal but also reflects their timeless elegance.

    Leather & Rubber Soles: For enhanced longevity and superior grip, the Faro brogue shoes are equipped with a combination of leather and rubber soles.


    100% Leather

    Wash & Care